As you no doubt have noticed, the once empty electric parking stations are now filling up, as increasing numbers of consumers are cashing in on the savings available by going green.

As a result we are also noticing more and more hybrid and electric vehicles coming through our doors.

D&A anticipated this shift in the market, hence the reason we have already invested heavily in training and diagnostic equipment, in order to continue to provide services to both existing and new clients should they decide to follow this trend.

A common misconception is that only a main dealer can look after these vehicles, this of course is not the case and our clients can still benefit from the usual D&A quality service for their electric & hybrid vehicles, without the main dealer price tag. By choosing D&A, you can be confident that your warranty will not be invalidated.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools on site, so you can be sure your hybrid or electric vehicle is in safe hands. We can cater for servicing, repairs, diagnostics and more in depth fault finding. Our technicians receive regular in house training on hybrid/electric vehicle systems and hold an IMI Qualification (Level 3 Award).

Useful info

  • On certain models, pressing the EV button will keep the vehicle in electric mode for longer where possible (dependent on battery state of charge).
  • Most hybrid/electric vehicles have air vents in the boot area and draw ambient air to cool the battery, you should try to keep luggage clear of these vents as it could restrict airflow, causing battery temperature to increase. This results in limited battery power or causing the car to cut out.
  • It is recommended not to leave a hybrid vehicle for a long period of time without use. This could leave the high voltage battery in a discharged state causing damage to battery cells, or leave you unable get the vehicle going again without having it removed for specialist charging.
  • Hybrid vehicles can suffer from brake disc corrosion, pads seizing with carriers and sliders seizing. This is due to the braking force applied to the conventional hub braking system being considerably less, hybrid vehicles use the motor/generator to create regenerative braking.  In turn this not only slows the vehicle but also replenishes the battery.
  • Never tow a hybrid vehicle due to the high risk of causing irreparable damage to the electric motor, doing this could be very costly. Always follow the breakdown procedures found in the owner’s handbook very carefully.
  • In the winter hybrid vehicles use the heating system to regulate the temperature of the battery. In the summer they use the air conditioning to regulate the temperature, as the power unit has a small temperature window it must remain within in order to prevent thermal runaway etc.
  • You need to be aware that the air conditioning system in a hybrid vehicle requires specific compressor oil (Poly-Esteroil), also, a specific leak detection dye must be used. This is because the windings in the motor are immersed in compressors oil, so the oils have to have high dielectric properties (non conductive). Using the wrong oil or dye could cause catastrophic damage to the electrical system or even a possible voltage leak to the casing, which could lead to a potentially fatal electric shock. It is therefore, essential to ensure you choose a garage with fully trained technicians with up to date hybrid training.

If you would like to book your hybrid or electric vehicle in for servicing, or would like a quote, please do not hesitate Contact us or call us on 01908 360999.